• SAIT, SIEMENS official integrator

    The temperature, flowrate and CO-NOx-O2 analysis systems are used in the combustion processes where the rigorous legislation in primis and the efficiency logics later, require the measurement and adjustment of the most significant combustion products.

  • SAIT Analysis Panels are equipped with analysers that use two non-dispersive infrared rays cells (N.D.I.R.) to measure the carbon oxide (CO) and the nitrogen oxide (NO), while a paramagnetic analyser is used to measure the oxygen. The flowrate is measured using a Pitot pipe and a depression transmitter; the data acquisition system then calculates the flowrate of fumes A PT100 thermoresistor, with electronics inserted in the analysis panel, measures the temperature. SAIT Analysis Panels complete the company production, single contact for all combustion, generation and control systems.

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