• For over 40 years, the best synergy of product and service

    The beginning of SAIT's history dates back to its foundation in 1975.

    The path we have travelled since then has led us to being what we are today: the only Italian company producing industrial burners, steam generators and electrical analysis, instrumentation, automation and control panels.

    1975 - Technical support service on industrial burners and industrial combustion systems.
    Design leading to the production of industrial burners starts.

    1976 - Production of the first UM and XR Industrial Burners

    1980 - Development of instantaneous steam generators starts

    1981 - Engineering of the Integrated Economiser, combustion air pre-heating system

    1982 - SAIT Industrial Burners with ultrasound atomisation of heavy fuels

    1983 - The first SAIT RS high-performance Steam Generators are installed

    1984 - Production starts of SAIT RSH Superheated Water Generators and RSA Hot Water Generators

  • 1989 - The third productive division is set up, with the production of Electrical Automation Panels

    1990 - SAIT long head Industrial burners, for asphalt concretes

    1997 - SAIT low NOx Industrial Burners

    2002 - Intensification of medium-light metalwork for the production of skids and SAIT complement Modules

    2003 - RSO SAIT indirect Diathermic Oil and clean steam Generators

    2004 - SAIT obtains ISO 9001 certification for its organisation's quality management system.

    2007 - Introduction of high definition plasma cutting.

    2009 - SAIT becomes SIEMENS integrator, the Analysis Panels for continuous control of emissions to the atmosphere are developed

    2013 - The new premises house the three productive divisions into a single space

    2014 - Automation in burners' regulation, use of the SIEMENS electronic cam

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